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PRE-ORDER Realistic Silicone Practise Hand (LEFT HAND)


Practise your nail art and hone your skills with 'Floppy Poppy!' the easiest, quietest and most flexible client you will ever have!


Poppy is made from firm but flexible chemical and heat resistant silicone, To attach the tips simply slidie them into the cuticles... no glue or primer required even when filing!

Most regular nail tips will fit but for optimum security I highly reccomend NSI Dura-tips (Purple label as opposed to burgundy label)


Please note that as each hand is individually made there WILL be some bubbles/seam lines particularly on the underside of the hand. Hands that do not pass my level of acceptability will be sold at a discounted rate in the near future.

New colours launching soon!

pre-order waiting list is currently 14 days.

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