Nixxi Rose

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Hi I’m Nixxi!

      I am a 23yr old designer from the South of England. My work has been described as everything from fantastical and magical to macabre and grotesque. I take inspiration from an eclectic mix of horror films, childhood fairytales, human anatomy and the Occult. After leaving school and completing my diploma in Art & Design I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Bucks New University.

      It was during my time at University that I started to delve more into the world of fashion and customisation. Being a student on a budget (and refusing to sacrifice my social life!) I used to love buying in cheap clothes from charity shops and customising them myself using studs, rhinestones, glitter and anything else I could get my hands on! This was purely for my own personal use until my unusual creations started to gather interest from fellow students. Gradually people started to request custom items from me and in a small market town full of students word travels fast! Although I was never going to make a fortune, the steady flow of cash from customizing shoes and jazzing up old leather jackets did contribute to funding my course and the positive response from people really helped give me the motivation and confidence to push through and complete my degree.

      And so here we are now, In this last year since graduation I have set up my own workshop, registered ‘Nixxi Rose’ as a legitimate business, opened 3 online stores, made and sold over 200 individual items and sent my products all over the world to countries including America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Israel and South Africa.

On this site you will find images of all my previous collections as well as current collections available for sale and future ideas and sketches. I sincerely hope you guys have as much fun viewing, discussing and wearing my products as I have creating them.

Best Wishes

                                                                                  Nixxi Rose x